How To Build A Profitable Digital Product Business Online Without Being Technical Or Having Previous Experience

From the virtual desk of Dirk “Diggy” de Bruin:

Dear friend,

When I turned to the internet as a way to make money back in 2008, all I wanted was a way to make a few thousand dollars per month online so I could pay my bills and live on my own terms.

The “gurus” all claimed it was so easy (they still do to this day).

They lead with flashy cars (mostly rented)…

The show off their mansions (mostly rented)…

They try to impress you with income screenshots (mostly faked or exaggerated)…

And then they try to sell you into their programs, services or softwares…

The kind with the promises of overnight riches with very little effort on your end.

And it works. These “gurus” sell you the dream and know exactly which buttons to push to get you fired up and whip out your credit card.

I’ve spent thousands, no, TENS of thousands of dollars on courses, masterminds and coaching from so-called “gurus” and 98% of the time it was a complete waste of my time and money.


“I can’t believe she ended things!”

“I thought we were going to grow old together!”

“What do I do now?”

BROKEN – that’s the only way I can describe how I felt after my girlfriend of two-and-a-half years walked out on me.

I mean – seriously – I wasn’t even mentally or physically capable of dragging myself out of bed most days.

Needless to say, I was not in any mood to attend to my online blogging business 8 hours a day.

It’s not like I was making a fortune each month, but I’d had 10,000 subscribers and 100,000 visits or more each month to my site.

So, there was a time when I felt like I at least had a future with that.

But, now…

In my misery and despair I’d just let it all slip away.

Eventually there was no more money coming in and my blog was dead.

Yet, I had to eat and I had to survive.

So, I forced myself to get out and get a job… anything… I just needed money and I needed it now.

Fortunately my local grocery store offered me an entry level spot which I immediately accepted, starting the very next day.

After months in a mental funk, it seemed like maybe the clouds were beginning to lift.

But, I’d grossly underestimated how tedious and soul sucking that grocery job would be.

Did you know there is an old grocery store illusion called “Facing” where you pretty up the boxes and cans on the grocery store shelves and make it look all straight and perfect.

Facing is why it might look like there is a whole row of boxes or cans of a product on a shelf, even if there’s really only 1 or 2 things in the very front.




More facing.

And even more stocking.

Oh, and to top it off – it was a minimum wage job – so I was barely scraping by.

But, I’ll say this – going to this job I hated every day had one positive side effect.

It motivated me to want more from life again.

… to want to ACHIEVE again.

So, at night after work, I started playing around with SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

I’d gotten pretty good at SEO when I was blogging… you don’t get to 100,000 visitors a month by being a slouch.

And now I was honing my skills…

Sharpening my talents.

And quickly getting REAL results!

First I used it to promote other people’s products for affiliate commissions.

It was – frankly – fast and easy money.

It was the win I desperately needed in life.

And within weeks I’d had amassed enough cash to live off of for the next few months!


With my affiliate commission windfall I was able to quit that job – and telling my boss – it was like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I could start focusing on this Internet thing full time…

And finally I had BIG dreams and REAL aspirations again!

But, I also wanted to do something to help other businesses.

Just selling products as an affiliate – I mean that was ok – there was certainly money in it.

But, it didn’t resonate with me.

It didn’t bring me joy.

I felt like I would be more fulfilled working helping other businesses grow…

So, I just had to figure out how to get paid to do it;)

After a couple months of working hard on generating local leads with SEO, I perfected my process.

I was able to quickly set up new campaigns for almost any business type and have fresh interested leads for a business within hours.

And it was then that I started reaching out to business owners near me.

I thought the sales pitch I had was brilliant…

I called up business owners to offer them this: “Hey, I already have the customers that want what you’re selling. Do you want me to give you those customers?”

I left plenty of messages for decision makers.

I got quite a few, “I’ll think about it” responses and a fair amount of, “let me get back to you” responses too.

So, I decided I’d give it a day and see what happened…

I was nervous – would the business owners I talked to really understand the value of what I had offered them?!?


Sleep didn’t come easy that night.

I tossed and turned and worried if I would be able to get clients.

Finally, morning crept in and I just couldn’t take the suspense any more.

So, I fired up my laptop and to check my emails…

I remember scrolling down through my messages – and I started to worry that maybe I would have to come up with a plan B to all this.

And then BOOM – there it was…

“Subject: We want to hire you”

An attorney had agreed to hire me for $1000 a month to do his SEO and help him generate leads.

And it was a steal for him because I single handedly tripled his business.

Word started to spread…

And then one after the other they started to fall in line.

Before I knew it, I had a whole cadre of local clients spending $1000’s per month with me to help them with their SEO and lead gen.

Life was good.

I was starting to make a really nice living and it seemed like the future was bright.

Then something weird started to happen.

A friend would ask me how I was doing what I was doing.

Then a friend of that friend would ping me on Skype or Whatsapp and ask me the same thing.

I had people literally crawling out of the woodwork to grill me for info on how I was getting so many 4 figure a month clients for my business.


I had so many people inquiring about my methods for building up my services business that eventually a light bulb went off…

“Maybe I should just create a How-To tutorial on what I did – and then offer the step by step training for sale.”

I reached out to a good friend of mine, Glen Allsop, to see what he thought.

He loved it.

So, we quickly assembled our product, priced it at $97, and then launched it to the world.

I really didn’t have much in the way of expectations – I hadn’t done a product launch of my own before and I figured if I could just make a little extra cash that would be cool.

But, what happened was insane.

This thing took on a life of its own.

Sale after sale…

Day after day…

The money just kept pouring in.

We were BLOWN AWAY by it all..

And in 30 days, we made six figures in sales.

After expenses…

After divvying up the profits with Glen…

This was still a staggering amount of cash that I’d generated in just under a month.

I had been doing well for myself with the services business.

But, this was another level entirely.


It was as if my entire online career – the ups and downs and ups again – it was all supposed to lead me to this new reality…

A reality where I could bank six figures in a month or two.

We’re talking about generating an entire year’s salary for even the top 1% of earners in the world – and I could make that in mere weeks.

This was a reality that offered true freedom!

Because money was no longer a constraint.

So, I handed over the reigns to my client services business to someone I trusted and I began to focus entirely on product development and sales.

I reinvested tens of thousands of dollars of my profits into testing out new strategies…

I spent over a year fine tuning my processes…

And I kept banging out hit after hit.

People wanted – no – they demanded the information I was selling.

And it just kept getting easier and easier with each launch, where I cranked out six and seven figure best sellers like they were going out of style.

And what I ended up with was a specific blueprint that I could follow straight to success…

Over and over again.

It wasn’t luck…

Or just a one off fluke kind of thing.

It was proven, consistent, and replicable success

Which has freed me from money worries entirely…

And has allowed me to travel the globe in style.


Forbes estimates the knowledge industry (a.k.a. e-Learning) to be a $325 BILLION dollar per year industry in the next few years.

That’s almost $1 Billion dollars per day, every single day of the year, that will be spent on information online.

Traditional education institutions such as colleges and universities are becoming increasingly unaffordable.

Who the heck can afford six figures to get a degree?

Better yet, who wants to go six figures in debt, spend 4 years learning outdated information and then spend another 5-10 years working to pay off the study debt (provided you can even get a job when you graduate)?

So, the answer becomes e-Learning.

For the price of a coffee per day, you can get access to almost any kind of information online.

Knowledge, experience and strategy… direct from the source.

Want to learn how to code Python?

Want to know how to build your own wooden furniture?

Want to lean how to build an online business?

Want to plant your own vegetable garden?

Chances are a quick Google search will lead you to an “expert” who can teach you how to do what you need.

There’s a lot of free information online.

And there is a lot of premium information, such as online courses, ebooks or communities you can join for a monthly fee.

Some people will choose to spend their precious time sifting through free information.

Others will buy the premium courses and ebooks from experts… to the tune of almost $1 Billion dollars per day.

You could create a digital information product, sell it online and claim your share of that $1 Billion dollars that’s being spent on premium information online every day.


I’m here to tell you that the knowledge in your head and the experience you’ve gained in your life is something you could turn into a digital product and sell online.

You could make anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars per month from it…

Heck! There are people running their own digital product businesses that are making full-time six figure per year incomes (and more)!

And all you need to get started is a computer, internet connection and smartphone.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Over the past several years I have helped over 220 clients to create and launch highly successful products of their own in practically every niche known to man.

I’ve shown these same students how to quickly and easily develop in-demand digital products…

Often times without them having to actually create anything.

And I’ve given them the secrets to flipping the switch and unleashing floods of targeted traffic to buy their products…

If you have ever…

Tried to build an online following only to end up with minuscule engagement and a severe lack of interest…

Created your own product hoping for a mass cash infusion, only to be met with low or no sales at all…

Tried and failed to make ANY money online in any capacity at all before…

Or just want to get a true step by step method for generating six figures in near record time.

Then you need this, right now:


This includes all the steps in the exact order you need to follow…

Without the hurdles…

Without the questions…

Without complication or confusion…

It’s truly the culmination of my decade plus of time spent learning all this through trial and error, along with my many tens of thousands of dollars in testing and perfecting!

Even if you’ve never done this before…

Even if you don’t have a product of your own to sell today…

Even if you’ve never made a penny online in your life…

This is the complete blueprint – top to bottom – no stone unturned.

You simply won’t find anything else like this online or offline – anywhere.

It’s the EXACT same system and structure I have personally followed to generate millions in sales profits and that allows me to live a life of complete freedom.

Now, here’s how we do this for you too…


Some people think you should try and get into markets with low or no competition – those people are dead wrong.

You want in-demand verticals because that’s where the buyers are…

And that’s where the money is!

When you understand how to tap into these high demand markets, you’ll become an unstoppable online product selling machine.

You’ll love discovering how to know whether a niche will convert BEFORE you ever put any effort into creating a product for it.

I’ll demonstrate a super sneaky little tool that shows you how to spy on your competition and figure out what they’re doing and if they’re making any money, so you know if you should be modeling them…

I’ll also walk you through several real-world examples of 6 figure, 7 figure and even 8 figure info product businesses in different niches.

Using these examples as frameworks to outline your own products will help you to spit out profitable in-demand products with ease.

And then next we need to help you…


Far too often new marketers make the mistake of thinking if they have a good and valuable product… in a hot niche… then they’re bound to be rich.


Big volume product launches that generate 6, 7, and 8 figures in weeks or even days will ALWAYS employ high quality copywriting and sales fundamentals.

Because this is what converts visitors to sales.

So, we’ll make sure that every offer you create hits the pain points of your audience and gets conversions for you!

You’ll discover the golden rule of a successful offer, what TRULY makes an offer irresistible, and how to hit the emotional pain points that get people to buy.

With this crash course in sales and selling I break things down and make it so easy for you that you’ll be cranking out high converting copy even if you hate writing!

I’m also breaking down my best copywriting tips and resources so that you can easily create a sales letter or video sales letter that gets people to buy from you.

Trust me… when you follow my methods for crafting offers that convert, you’ll find yourself enjoying this part of the process.

And you’ll understand what it really takes to get people to buy – which is invaluable to you – even if you hire copywriters to write for you, now you’ll be able to tell if they’re doing what needs to be done to convert!

On top of all that, this next section takes things to another level…


If you create a product, write sales sucking copy, and then put your offer live, it’s all entirely for naught if you don’t have traffic and leads.

That’s why I am pulling back the curtain on the top lead generation and traffic strategies I have personally used for all my best selling successes.

Everything is revealed – including both paid and organic methods so that you’ll be sure to find a strategy that suits your budget and personality.

You’ll discover my favorite Facebook and Google Adwords strategies to generating highly targeted traffic and leads in just minutes with a click of the button.

I LOVE this one and not many people are talking about it yet – I’m going to do a deep dive into YouTube advertising, including organic Youtube traffic strategies – both of which are amazing for targeted clicks for super cheap!

You’ll be immersed in traffic training to help you put eyeballs on your offers as soon as you’ve completed them.

I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on varied traffic methods over the years, so what you’re getting is the best of the best.

This stuff’s been tested, tweaked, optimized – and proven to work.

And don’t worry – if you are on a tight budget – I’ll give you several potent free traffic methods that will allow you to generate sales… so you can reinvest into paid traffic and start scaling!

So, now it’s time to…


You’ve selected a hot niche with buyers a-plenty…

You’ve built out your product or training program and you’ve crafted an irresistible offer that easily converts visitors to buyers…

You’ve begun testing traffic and customers are coming in…

Now it’s time to hit the Green Light and launch your product to success!

At this point, much of the hard work has been done.

Yet, ​there’s a few vital factors that could make or break you from here.

So, I’m going to show you how to properly set up your launch ads and emails to make sure that you’re ALWAYS turning prospects into customers..

I’m giving you the keys to best manage your customer support requests and I’ll reveal how to collect data and gather feedback to help you optimize your member experience (THIS COULD BE WORTH BIG $ IN FUTURE SALES).

You’ll discover the secret to tracking your metrics to be sure your product funnel is profitable and scalable.

And so much more…

Frankly, with this Masterclass, it’s practically impossible for you to fail.

Unless, you do nothing – and well – it’s common sense that doing nothing produces zero results.

But, I don’t think that’s you.


And Get This….

I have an entire rolodex of students that have followed this formula to incredible success.

So, see what they think…


I could talk for days about the successes my students have experienced.

But, I’d rather you hear it from them, in their own words:


It’s not rocket science when you follow the blueprint I have laid out for you.

Anyone can do it.

And YES… YOU can do this too…


I’m dedicated to helping you succeed.

As quickly…

And easily as humanly possible.

So, that’s why I am also handing you these very valuable bonuses worth $4279 all by themselves, when you take action today.

These could quite frankly be a standalone program in their own right, but they’re yours free today for joining 6 Figure Inc.

Bonus 1: Affiliate Business Boost

This advanced class in affiliate marketing is going to add an instant income stream to your new business.

If you’ll recall, affiliate marketing is what allowed me to stash a wad of cash away to quit my grocery store job back in the day…

And it’s the perfect low-effort high-return strategy for enhancing your income today.

I’ll detail exactly how to find affiliate programs to promote and to choose the right products to promote to get the biggest commissions, right to your accounts, often within just days.

I’ll reveal what is working and what’s not working today, even giving you a real-world example of an affiliate funnel, setup for you in real time.

Plus, I’m going to show you how to integrate affiliate marketing offers with your brand new info product funnel to leverage your assets…

And make more sales and money – FASTER.

Not only am I giving you this step by step formula for affiliate marketing success, you’re also getting…

Bonus 2: My Proven Sales Funnel Templates

Creating a product – that’s one thing – but creating the sales funnel to sell that product, well that’s an entirely different animal all on its own!

That’s why this may very well be the biggest bonus of them all and worth more than the entire cost of Six Figure Inc itself.

Because I’ve paid and invested thousands in designers, copywriters, advertising, testing, and optimization so that you don’t have to.

The result is a PROVEN done for you funnel template that has EVERYTHING you need, top to bottom, including:

I’m dead serious about getting your first six figure product launched ASAP, and this fully customizable funnel template means that you’re in business TODAY.

This next bonus will help you integrate an added stream of online income to your new product funnel, almost instantly.

Bonus 3: Plug And Play Affiliate Funnel




It’s that simple to monetize this valuable bonus sales funnel template I’m handing you absolutely free as a new member of Six Figure Inc.

I paid for my team of designers and copywriters to build you a high converting ready ready-to-go info product funnel including full email copy swipes and example ads that you use right now to generate insane affiliate commissions.

All you need to do is add in your own affiliate link…

And then start sending traffic.

And sit back as the commissions start rolling in.

You’d pay well over $497 to get this affiliate funnel built out for yourself, but it’s yours free when you get in Six Figure Inc today.

This next bonus is the fastest way to get huge floods of ultra targeted traffic without spending a penny in advance…

Bonus 4: Six Figure JV Blueprint

I’ve made six figures with this strategy for the equivalent of just a few days worth of “work”.

This bonus training will be the answer to your dreams…

Because it’s a step by step roadmap to a SURGE of uber targeted traffic and sales, in the fastest time imaginable.

In fact, my best product launches using JV’s have generated six figures in sales with less than a single day’s work!

When I first got started I didn’t know anybody else (but my one blogging buddy) and I certainly didn’t know where to find these Power JV’’s (much less know how to get them to send me their traffic)…

Yet, I spent years perfecting a reachout, follow up, and onboarding system that had elite JV partners actually hunting me down to promote for me.

And now I’m handing you all the shortcuts…

I’m saving you years of struggles and heartache by showing you exactly how to find and bring on top JV’s in any vertical you wish, even if you don’t know a soul online today.

You’ll be able to model me step by step as I show you my proven replicable process for setting up wildly profitable joint venture promotions.

And, last but not least, I want to make it easy for you to interact with me and your fellow Six Figure product owners!

Bonus 5: Private Facebook Group

As a member of Six Figure Inc you’re always just one short hop away from help, guidance, and motivation thanks to this valuable bonus.

Because you’ll get access to me and many other Six Figure Inc members around the clock in our private invite only Facebook group.

Whether you’re looking for answers on how to do something in the training…

Or whether you’re hoping for some critiques and insights on stuff you’re creating…

Or whether you just need a little motivation…

Now you can post ALL your questions and engage with me and a community of like minded marketers.

And I have to tell you, there are many very smart, talented, and successful people in this group, putting you in VERY good company.

You would have to pay thousands of dollars alone for this level of support, yet as a member of Six Figure Inc, you’re getting it free for the lifetime of your membership!



It’s plain to see that there is an extraordinary amount of value here…


I spent a decade of long hours and often grueling days – as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money to get where I am today…

I’ve attended dozens of conferences…

I’ve spent a fortune on masterminds and meetups all around the world to learn from the cream of the crop of the industry.

After all that work and money spent…

I discovered the patterns, habits, work ethic, and business principles of the most successful entrepreneurs.

I mastered using paid ads to drive FAST unlimited traffic to my funnels – on demand.

I developed a formula for staggering numbers of automated sales through the right combination of my info products and affiliate offers.

And I perfected the science of creating and launching digital products – over and over again – to achieve 6 and 7 figure sales…

Every single time…

Without fail.

And now I’m handing you everything I’ve learned about this.

I’m giving you the blueprint.

It’s step by step simple to follow.

And it’s replicable for anyone.


My friends, family, and everyone I know in the industry think I have lost my mind because what I’ve included here for you today should be at LEAST $10,000.

I could set up a webinar, generate leads, and sell this package at that price all day every day.


It would be a STEAL at that price.

Because this is a roadmap to 6 figure success, financial freedom, and real peace of mind.

But I won’t ask that price of you today.

I won’t ask $10,000 for this training…

Even though the value of the bonuses alone is thousands of dollars all by themselves.

I’m not even going to ask $4,997 of you.

I’m looking to give you the hand up I wish I had way back when I got started.

So, I’m going to make this as affordable as possible if you act right here and right now.

Today, on this page only, as part of a special limited-time offer…

You can get the complete Six Figure Inc Masterclass and ALL the bonuses for a small one-time investment of just $2,997.

Yes Dirk, I Want To Join Six Figure Inc, Let’s Do This

And, I’ll take it a step further here…

I’m going to shoulder all the risk too!


I’m confident that you’ll love my Six Figure Inc. online training program and I’m convinced that when you see your results for yourself… you’ll be thrilled!

You’re getting instant access to EVERYTHING…

So you can put the entire system into action for yourself as soon as today.

To put it plainly, I won’t be happy unless you are.

Which means, you’re either going to be ecstatic with your results or I want you to send me and my team an email to let us know.

Because I’ll give you a 100% refund in full if you are not completely satisfied – anytime within 30 days of purchase – with no hard feelings and no hassle.

There’s Zero Risk to you.

But you have to act – TODAY.


Every minute you go without this blueprint is likely to cost you in time, money, and energy.

And I don’t want you to experience the pain of struggling any longer…

I don’t want you to deal with the pain of spending years and tens of thousands of dollars to find your success – like I did.

I want something BETTER for you today.

I want something FASTER for you today.

Which is why I’m making the complete 6 Figure Inc. masterclass available to you at a sizeable discount…

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And right now…


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Yes Dirk, I Want To Join Six Figure Inc, Let’s Do This

Or choose our payment plan and pay only $497 today, and another 5 easy payments of $497 every thirty days… whichever works best for you.

You’re getting…

The Mindsets For Success to get rid of any limiting beliefs and prepare you for your first 6 figure product launch right now.

Catering To A Hot And In-demand Niche And Mapping Out Your Product so you can build for audiences that are actively searching out what you’re selling.

Crafting Your Irresistible Offer to get more people whipping out their credit cards and spending money on your products.

Creating Your Digital Product to quickly and easily build a digital product that has significant value and that you can be proud to sell.

Generate Floods Of Targeted Leads to build a large ravenous audience that want what you have to offer

Launching Your Product to generate 6 figures and start hitting your life freedom goals immediately.

Going Evergreen to create a sales process that generates revenue months and even years after you’ve launched your products.

This complete online masterclass includes all the steps in the exact order you need to follow…

And it’s the culmination of my decade plus of time spent learning all this through trial and error, along with my many tens of thousands of dollars in testing and perfecting!

Plus, you’re also getting all these valuable bonuses, which I could easily sell for thousands as standalone programs in their own right:

Bonus 1: Affiliate Marketing 101

This is the perfect low-effort high-return strategy for enhancing your income today.

And in this training I’ll detail exactly how to find affiliate programs to promote and to choose the right products to promote to get the biggest commissions, right to your accounts, often within just days.

Bonus 2: My Personal Sales Funnel Templates

This may very well be the biggest bonus of them all and worth more than the entire cost of Six Figure Inc itself.

Because I’ve paid many thousands of dollars to top designers and copywriters, plus thousands more for advertising, testing, and optimization – so that you don’t have to.

You’re getting a complete – PROVEN – done for you funnel template that has EVERYTHING you need, top to bottom.

Just add in YOUR info and use this template to sell your new products!

Bonus 3: Ready-To-Go Sales Funnel – Just Drive Traffic

I also paid for my team of designers and copywriters to build you a high converting ready ready-to-go info product funnel including full email copy swipes and example ads.

Use these immediately to generate insane affiliate commissions just by plugging in your own affiliate link…

And then sending traffic. It’s THAT simple!

Bonus 4: Six Figure JV Blueprint

This is your step by step roadmap to a SURGE of uber targeted traffic and sales, in the fastest time imaginable.

I spent years perfecting a reachout, follow up, and onboarding system that had elite JV partners actually hunting me down to promote for me…

Now I’m handing you all the shortcuts so you can follow my proven replicable process for setting up profitable joint venture promotions and hit your Six Figure sales targets every time!

Bonus 5: Private Facebook Group

If you’re looking for answers on how to do something in the training, you’re hoping for some critiques and insights on stuff you’re creating, or even if you just need a little motivation…

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And now…

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Yes Dirk, I Want To Join Six Figure Inc, Let’s Do This


What If I’m Not An Expert?

If you’re worried that you are not an expert or qualified enough to create a digital product that teaches people how to do something, you’re not alone.

In fact, it’s completely natural to feel this way.

But I can assure you that you have knowledge and experience that you can turn into a digital product that you can sell online, and that will help people solve a problem.

Inside Six Figure Inc I show you exactly how you can take your unique life experience, passion and experience and turn it into a digital product.

I also give you dozens of niches and examples of profitable digital products that you can model your own product around.

And finally, I also show you how you can do this even if you don’t want to be on camera, be the face of your product or even use your own name.

I know some people value their privacy, and it’s completely possible to build a six figure digital product using a pen name, without ever having to show your face on camera.

I also show you how you can partner with someone who is a genuine expert, have them create the content for your product and you handle the marketing and sales side of the business.

Will this work for me if I’m (insert gender/race/age/religion/nationality)?

YES! You’ll be learning to build an online business that is location-independent and that can generate money no matter your background, age, gender, nationality, religion or language.

Thanks to to the internet, you’ll be able to connect with your target audience around the world and sell your products and services online.

Inside Six Figure Inc, you’ll learn exactly how to create your digital products that suit your style and personality. If you want, you don’t even need to be the face of your product. There are plenty of successful online products that are sold under pseudonyms or pen names.

How much more do I need to invest in my online business to make money?

While it’s possible to build your empire starting with nothing but a domain ($10) and a hosting account ($12) if you have time, persistence and hustle, it would be wise to treat your online business as a real business and have capital to invest into growing your business.

I’d recommend having several hundred dollars capital available additionally to the course investment to help get your business up and running as quickly as possible, but this doesn’t need to be invested all at once. If you can generate $100-$200 per month of disposable income that you can invest into your online business to help grow it faster (e.g. it could be spend on advertising to get more leads), it would benefit you and allow you to potentially achieve success much faster.

How long will it take to see results?

Legally I can’t guarantee or promise results of any sort, but the entire “Six Figure Inc” training is focused around helping you build your online business as quickly as possible.

I even show you how to setup the foundation of a type of online business in a matter of a few hours, so if you take action, it’s entirely possible to see results in a very short period of time.

Do I need to have any special/technical skills?

You can follow the Six Figure Inc training without having any former qualifications, education or past business or marketing experience. In other words, it’s suitable for complete beginners.

You also don’t need to be incredibly tech-savvy. There is no need for coding, programming knowledge or web design type skills.

The aim is to keep things as easy as possible. These days, there are many platforms and services that take care of all the technical aspects, such as hosting your content, designing your sales pages and even handling the payment processing for your sales.

Will you be updating the course?


I plan to add a lot more training and content to the course over the coming years and turn Six Figure Inc. into the “go-to” resource to learn how to build a profitable online infoproduct business.

As a member of Six Figure Inc, you will get all future updates to the program absolutely free.

How long do I get access to the content?

You pay once and you have access to Six Figure Inc. for as long as it exists (legally I’m not allowed to say you have access for life). This includes all upgrades and all future revisions of the course, which should happen at least once per year.

This is an absolute STEAL as many programs charge you annually just to keep access to the information.

Couldn’t I figure all this out on my own?

Of course you could.

I did it this way and it only took me 10 years and $100,000 invested into conferences, masterminds, coaching and courses.

The Internet is flooded with information. Trouble is, piecing it all together is H.A.R.D

And how do you know who to trust? Who’s a marketing expert who’s been there and done it for themselves and for clients multiple times over, and who’s just out to make a quick buck.

Plus, even if you did get all the information for free, you’d likely still waste thousands of dollars on failed ads, tech screw ups, and hiring people to fix stuff you got wrong. A proven system like Six Figure Inc really will save you money and time in the long run.

Yes Dirk, I Want To Join Six Figure Inc, Let’s Do This

To your success,
Dirk “Diggy” de Bruin

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Yes Dirk, I Want To Join Six Figure Inc, Let’s Do This

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